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Our daughter’s abduction – the role of technology

This post is very personal because it details how our daughter was abducted. Before I start, it will become apparent that I haven’t provided any names, or my exact whereabouts. My reasoning isn’t that I am hiding anything. Rather, as Gavin Maxwell put it in Ring of Bright Water: …because identification in print would seem in some sense a sacrifice, a betrayal of its remoteness and isolation, as if by doing so I were to bring nearer its enemies of industry and urban life. In my opinion, the internet and digital interference played a big role in our daughter’s...

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Abduction 101 – what is parental child abduction?

What is parental child abduction? The concept of parental child abduction can be quite challenging to explain without rambling, so I will try my best. An ex-colleague told me that a mother cannot abduct their child because children belong to them. They then chased me around the office with a dictionary definition of ‘abduct’. The definition was along the lines of removing somebody illegally by force or deception. She heckled that this definition made the concept insulting to her and impossible. I left it there because we were at work and I hadn’t shared my personal circumstances with them....

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First blog post – welcome to Paper Boundaries!

First blog post! Hello and welcome to my blog, Paper Boundaries. For my first post I am going to introduce you to myself and to the themes that I will be blogging about. In short, when I was 23 I went to Japan looking to broaden my global perspectives and have a bit of an adventure. This certainly happened, however, maybe not in the way I planned it would happen. I was blessed with a beautiful daughter during my time in Japan. However, her mother and I had some differences. Following our divorce, my ex-wife went back to Japan,...

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